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Delivering a positive guest experience and customer satisfaction in recreational services

Guests’ expectations of their visits to a recreation site, such as a sports arena or an amusement park, put high demands on facility management. Below you can read about the impact of cleanliness and hygiene on the customer experience in these high-traffic venues. And about how you can ensure high cleaning quality and deliver on the new hygiene expectations by improving efficiency through the use of data-driven cleaning.


High-traffic venues often equal high demands by guests, which challenge you as an operational manager. High and fluctuating traffic in spread-out areas further adds to this challenge, as well as not knowing if operational resources are used in the most efficient way, which can result in over- or under-cleaning. Therefore, it is essential that you manage your cleaning resources efficiently and sustainably, while at the same time making sure that quality is always kept at a high level.  

Cleaning quality and profitability
Bathrooms get more visits than any other part of a recreational facility. Customers often go there before they start their day. If the bathrooms are not clean and tidy, guests are not as likely to want to stay as long. Dirty and overcrowded bathrooms are also the number one issue bothering guests at high-traffic venues.*

Deliver on customer experience

Over 70% of guests have had a bad bathroom experience, and two in five of those complained about it to friends*. Negative impressions and comments can be published online with exponential reach and damaging potential. One bad review can have a negative impact on a company’s reputation. On the other hand, high cleaning standards can be an effective way to deliver on customer experience and gain good reviews.

Avoid complaints

The aim is a guest experience that is memorable, satisfactory, hygienic and seamlessly executed. To deliver on these demands you need to be one step ahead and know what is needed, when and where. Maintaining quality and cleanliness at all times is a big challenge. Fortunately, there are solutions and products that will help you proactively manage your guest experience and improve customer satisfaction. Functional, high-capacity solutions in combination with data-driven cleaning enable a more efficient way of working. Data-driven cleaning also facilitates consistently high-quality cleaning which helps you avoid complaints.

Upgrading to data-driven cleaning can help make better use of your cleaning resources and deliver a seamless visitor experience. Read more here.
Kentucky Kingdom
“My staff love it and we are using our time more efficiently because we no longer need to check each dispenser physically.
Jake Allgeier, Park Service Manager Kentucky Kingdom

What Tork Vision Cleaning helps you achieve

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Upgrade to data-driven cleaning and improve your customer experience 

As an operational manager you are expected to deliver high quality and make your guests feel safe and secure at all times. But with fluctuating visitor numbers it’s difficult to allocate staff where they are needed most. To stay in control and handle the washroom flow, you need a complete overview of the status and needs of your operations in order to optimise your resources.   

The shift from static cleaning schedules to data-driven and need-based cleaning will help you and your team meet these challenges. With connected devices and software applications that keep track of visitor numbers and refill levels, you get information about actual cleaning needs. This makes it possible for you and your staff to stay ahead and proactively prevent complaints.  

Empower your cleaners
Cleaning staff in an amusement park are often young seasonal workers and one of our customers said “with the new system, the cleaning team has become more independent and motivated. Our ‘artists’, as we call our cleaners, are young and love technology.” When you empower cleaners with digital solutions to do what’s needed, when and where it’s needed, it helps them optimise resources and improve operational efficiency. It also allows them to take care of issues before they turn into complaints and ensure high cleaning quality. This gives cleaners a more meaningful and dynamic role in improving the visitor experience and creating a safe environment.

Improve quality and operational efficiency
This is why so many forward-thinking businesses have chosen to upgrade to Tork Vision Cleaning - the world’s leading facility management solution for data-driven cleaning. It’s a groundbreaking innovation, helping facility staff to turn amusement and attraction parks into cleaner places that families can enjoy for longer. It’s more than just new tech or a way to manage sanitary supplies better - it’s a whole new logic for cleaning.

Deliver on the new hygiene demands
Data driven cleaning has been shown to save up 20% of cleaning hours***** - time that staff can dedicate to the critical tasks that help you deliver on the new hygiene demands. Tork Vision Cleaning also contributes to sustainability through less waste. And since data-driven cleaning helps make sure that dispensers are stocked up to 99% of the time**, you can ensure the availability of hygiene products for all your visitors.  

Kajsa-Lotta Halvarsson, Park Support Manager Furuvik Zoo
“Thanks to Tork Vision Cleaning*, we’re saving several hours per day. The service has changed everything. In terms of efficiency you can hardly compare it to how things were before.”
Kajsa-Lotta Halvarsson, Park Support Manager Furuvik Zoo (*Tork Vision Cleaning was formerly known as Tork EasyCube®)

Data-driven cleaning helps you to:

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*Based on an IPSOS survey of 3000 people in USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland and Sweden who have visited a high traffic venue in the past 9 months.  

**Measured across nearly 13,000 connected dispensers between June-December 2019, based on time per month that a dispenser is in an empty status against total time per month.​ 

***Based on customer feedback for dispenser checks over 6 months before vs after installing Tork Vision Cleaning (between June-December 2019). Measured across 16 sites connected to Tork Vision Cleaning, with each dispenser check taking approx. 20 seconds. ​ 

****Measurement of visitor satisfaction in two Tork Vision Cleaning washrooms and two traditionally maintained and equipped washrooms at ISSA/Interclean exhibition, May 2016.  

*****Based on the documented results achieved by three Tork Vision Cleaning customers, measured before and after the implementation of Tork Vision Cleaning.​

Note: Tork Vision Cleaning was formerly known as Tork EasyCube®