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Hygiene critical

Reducing the risk of cross-contamination is critical in your workplace. Our gentle soaps, skin lotions, sanitisers and soft towels can help frequent hand-washers protect their hands while protecting others from germs. Our complete hand-hygiene range also includes attractive, hands-free, automatic dispensers. They can further help to reduce the spread of germs and even motivate compliance.

Hand towels

Recommended products

Frequent hand washing calls for gentle hand care. Our Tork Matic® Soft Hand Towel Rolls feel good and dry hands quickly. Towels are reliably served one at a time from our Tork Matic® dispenser with Intuition™ sensor, so you only touch the towel you're going to use. Used together, these products can help you to maintain hygiene quickly and effectively, so you'll have more time for the rest of your work.

Tork Matic Soft  HTR Prem 2p 100m

Tork Matic Soft HTR ...

Article : 290016


Recommended products

Our foam soap combines hand washing and sanitising. It's an extra-hygienic soap with a unique low alcohol formulation, perfume and colour free, for frequent usage and less dryness of the hands. Reduces the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions. Together with a touch-free sensor dispenser and sealed refills, hygiene is maintained and cross-contamination can be minimised.

Tork Elev Disp Soap Foam Sensor White

Tork Elev Disp Soap F...

Article : 561600

Tork Antimicrobial Foam Soap, 1000ml

Tork Antimicrobial Fo...

Article : 520801

Hand sanitiser

Product recommendations

Sanitise and moisturise with our Tork Alcohol Gel Sanitiser. It disinfects hands quickly without water, with moisturiser to help protect the skin. And because the dispenser uses an arm lever, there's minimal risk of cross-contamination.

Tork Liquid Soap Dispenser -Arm Lever Wh

Tork Liquid Soap Disp...

Article : 560100

Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer,1000ml

Tork Alcohol Gel Hand...

Article : 420101

Toilet paper

Recommended products

Improve hygiene and save up to 40% on usage with our Tork SmartOne® system. With one-at-a-time tissue dispensing, you only touch the sheet you use and consumption is reduced. Our tamperproof dispensers also keep the roll fully protected inside. Refill with our Tork Advanced tissue quality for hassle-free hygiene.

Tork SmartOne Mini TR Adv 2p 620s

Tork SmartOne Mini TR...

Article : 472193


Recommended products

Good hygiene is quickly maintained with our easy-to-clean, high-capacity Tork 50L Bin. Its covered lid keeps waste hidden away for better hygiene. They're easy to clean, empty and refill with our strong, reliable Tork Bin Liners.

Tork Bin White 50 Ltr

Tork Bin White 50 Ltr

Article : 563000

Tork Bin Liner 50L

Tork Bin Liner 50L

Article : 204060

Sanitary bin

Recommended products

A discreet Tork Sanitary Bin is also available with a design to match the rest of your dispensers. Tork Sanitary Bin liners are easy to remove and replace, making housekeeping simple.

Tork Bin White 5Ltr

Tork Bin White 5Ltr

Article : 564000

Tork Bin Liner 5L

Tork Bin Liner 5L

Article : 204040

Seat cleaner

Recommended product

For your guests who want extra hygiene, our Tork Toilet Seat Cleaner is available.

Tork Mini Liquid Soap Dispenser White

Tork Mini Liquid Soap...

Article : 561000

Tork Toilet Seat Cleaner, 475 ml

Tork Toilet Seat Clea...

Article : 420302

Toilet seat covers

Recommended products

Provide extra protection that improves hygiene with flushable Tork Toilet Seat Covers. The wall-mounted Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser is slim so it will fit every washroom.

Tork Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser White

Tork Toilet Seat Cove...

Article : 344080

Tork Toilet Seat Cover

Tork Toilet Seat Cover

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