Still using air dryers?

Still using air dryers?

Nearly 7 in 10 users surveyed wish more facilities offered paper hand towels as an alternative to air dryers*. Make the smart choice and change to Tork paper hand towels today.

Paper hand towels serve many purposes

Green and blue image saying that air dryers can spread up to 10x more bacteria

Jet air dryers spread 10x more bacteria**

Compared to paper hand towels, jet air dryers produce more airborne droplets***, increasing the risk of bacteria spread. Paper towels are the more hygienic way to dry hands and are therefore recommended in hygiene-critical environments****. Ensure your visitors feel safer – change to Tork paper hand towel solutions, the smart choice.

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2021 Survey conducted by United Minds in cooperation with CINT in March 2021. The survey covered 7 markets: China, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA with a total of 7,063 respondents (global average).
** Best et al., J Hosp. Infection, 2014 
*** Margas E. et al., J Applied Microbiol., 2013
**** Huang, C Mayo Clinic, 2011