Hand-hygiene training

Hand-hygiene training

Based on WHO’s My 4 moments for hand hygiene in residential homes, our training solution enables you and your staff to train and improve on these critical moments – in virtual reality.​
Nurses testing VR glasses

Improve your hand hygiene in virtual reality

Put on your VR-headset and get ready to start a new shift in the virtual care home. In a series of real life situations, you get to practice the WHO’s My 4 moments for hand hygiene for residential homes.


Download the app 

All you need to get going is a VR-compatible smartphone, a VR headset with remote control or equivalent to steer the game and the Tork VR Training app for Care Homes. The app is available via AppStore, Google Play and Oculus Store. ​
For iPhones/IOS we recommend: Merge VR headset (no remote control needed for this headset; you will click on the headset to steer the game); https://www.amazon.com/Merge-Goggles-Augmented-Adjustable-Comfortable/dp/B015CD6NVE
For Android phones: There is a wide range of VR headsets to choose from depending on what phone you have. Everything from cardboard
How to download:
  • Make sure you have VR goggles that work with your smartphone​
  • Download the app to your phone via AppStore or Google Play​
  • Connect the remote control to your phone via Bluetooth​
  • Start the app and place the smartphone in your VR goggles​
  • Adjust and calibrate​
  • Step into our virtual world 
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Virtual reality for deeper learning

Virtual reality not only makes training fun and engaging, it is also highly effective in driving behavioural change. According to research, when doing or simulating an action, we remember as much as 90%.

Training based on latest research​

Tork VR Clean Hands Training for Care Homes is based on WHO’s guidelines for hand hygiene in residential homes. To make it an effective tool for driving behavioural change and improving hand-hygiene adherence, we have developed the training in close collaboration with care homes, behavioural scientists and other experts.