The Tork Office Hygiene Package™ helps you elevate workplace well-being in every part of your facility, including washrooms. Book a hygiene consultation to help identify your optimum solution.

Products and services for your washrooms

Ensuring the quality and availability of hygiene products in your washrooms used to be considered important. Now it’s absolutely essential. Running out is simply no longer accepted.

The Tork Office Hygiene Package improves cleaning efficiency by offering high-capacity hygiene solutions that require fewer checks and are fast and easy to service for your staff. The time saved can be used to improve cleaning quality in other parts of your facility. The package also includes Tork PaperCircle, the world’s first paper hand towel recycling service. It helps your business go circular by putting your used paper hand towels back into the loop as new tissue products.

Book a hygiene consultation

Identify hygiene improvement opportunities and receive clear recommendations for your office.


1. Based on a Life Cycle Assessment for Europe, where the avoided processes have been taken into account, conducted by Essity and verified by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd, 2017