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Every touch point is an opportunity to impress your guests. Ensure a fresh, clean setting at every turn with our hassle-free hygiene systems and accessories. We have everything that you need to create and maintain the memorable atmosphere you want.

Surface cleaning & sanitising

Recommended products

For quick and effective cleaning and sanitising of surfaces, our range of Tork Wiping Papers, Tork Cleaning Cloths and Tork Dispensers can help your housekeeping department save time and effort. With the right wiper selected for the task, hygiene tasks are quickly done.

Hand sanitising

Recommended product

Sanitise and moisturise with our Alco Gel sanitiser. It disinfects hands quickly with an added moisturiser to help protect the skin. Together with our hands-free Tork dispenser with arm lever, hygiene is maintained and cross-contamination can be minimised.

Facial tissue

Recommended product

Provide extra comfort and convenience to your guests with our extra-soft and absorbent Tork facial tissues. They come in compact, cardboard boxes so your guests can always keep them at hand.