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Patient care

To help support your patients' care and to maintain hygiene for caregivers and visitors, we offer a complete range of hand and surface hygiene essentials. Our mild soaps, soft multi-purpose towels, effective sanitisers and moisturising lotions are ideal for every moment of patient room contact. And with our modern, hygienic dispensers nearby, compliance increases and infections are prevented.


Recommended products

Our Tork Extra Mild Foam Soap has a gentle formulation providing comfort-in-use for the staff and the patient. The extra-mild formulation is dermatologically tested and the skin caring ingredients care for sensitive skin when frequently hand washing.
Choice to use our Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with Intuition™ sensor for no touch delivery or manually when quietness matters most, makes the system a flexible partner for hand hygiene compliance in patient rooms.

Hand towels

Recommended products

Hand drying is an important step to prevent cross-contamination. But the noise from hand towel dispensers inside a patient room can disturb the ones who need tranquillity to get better.  Our Tork Xpress™ Multifold Hand Towel Dispensers guarantee reliable sheet-by-sheet dispensing without dispensing noise.  The Tork Advanced and Premium paper towels are designed to accelerate absorption and to allow for pat drying so that the epidermis is preserved. For extra care.


Recommended products

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends five moments for good hand hygiene in patient care. Tork products are fundamental in every step.
Our Tork Alcohol Hand Sanitisers in various formats are available for flexible use.  And patients who see their attendant care for their hands before visiting, feel well taken care of.  Our Alcohol Hand Sanitisers contain hydrating ingredients for extra care,  because healing hands must stay healthy themselves.


Recommended products

Caregivers that frequently wash their hands need extra care themselves. You can help to protect the hands that help so many with our unscented Tork  Hand & Body Lotion. Rich, soothing, moisturising ingredients leave hands feeling soft and nourished. Our Tork Mini dispenser for lotion is compact so it's easily distinguished from larger soap and sanitiser systems. Sealed, hygienic refill bottles load fast whilst reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Toilet paper

Recommended products

Improve hygiene and save up to 40% on usage with our Tork SmartOne® system. With one-at-a-time tissue dispensing, you only touch the sheet you use and consumption is reduced. Refill with our Tork Advanced tissue quality for hassle-free hygiene.

Facial tissues

Recommended products

The convenience of having tissues at hand can help your patients to feel more comfortable. Our extra-soft Tork Facial tissues in an attractive wall-mounted or stand-alone Tork Facial Tissue Dispenser can make a simple, caring difference.


Recommended products

During the day, there’s a need for ongoing maintenance such as wiping up spills, fluids and food remains — and lots of hand wiping. Tork Wiping Paper Plus is a multi-purpose paper that's ideal for these tasks. And with our Tork Reflex™ portable dispenser —hand-held or trolley-mounted — your team can easily grab the paper they need, right where they need it.


Recommended products

Reduce napkin usage by at least 25% compared to traditional napkin dispensers* with our Tork Xpressnap Snack Napkin Dispensing System in your coffee corner. Its one-at-a-time dispensing reduces napkin waste and improves hygiene. Available in a variety of styles and colours, you can even personalise these dispensers and napkins to carry important messages.


Recommended product

Good hygiene is quickly maintained with our easy-to-clean, high-capacity Tork 50L Bin. Its covered lid keeps waste hidden away for better hygiene. They're easy to clean, empty and refill with our strong, reliable Tork Bin Liners.

Tork 50L Bin

Tork 50L Bin

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