Facility Service Companies

Whether you are a facility manager or part of the cleaning staff, we want to make your life a little easier. We offer a complete range of Tork cleaning supplies, dispensers and sales-support tools for cleaning companies and resellers. Everything we do is designed to help you and your customers quickly take care of the basic cleaning fundamentals that every business has. With that done, everyone can have more time for what matters most to their customers.

Tork Colour Coded Cloths

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Our Tork Colour Coded Cloths come in four colours to keep tasks separate and to prevent contamination. They're strong for repeated use and ISEGA certified for food contact for wiping.

Tork Wet Wipes

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For surface cleaning, our Tork Wet Wipes easily remove dirt, oil and grease. They are skin friendly and fragrance free and come in a handy, portable bucket dispenser.

Tork Wiper Centrefeed

With our Tork Wiper Centrefeed M2 system, a multi-purpose paper for hands and surfaces takes care of all kinds of light cleaning and wiping tasks.

Tork Cleaning Cloth

To work with detergents and solvents, our Tork Cleaning Cloth and W4 system deliver strong, absorbent cloths that stand up to repeated use. They're soft and flexible, too. Perfect for cleaning small and smooth objects.

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Tork Easy Handling™

Our ergonomic designs and Tork Easy Handling™ features make handling our boxes and bags easier. Facility personnel save time and effort. Routine tasks are done quickly and more comfortably. That saves time and energy for more important work. Through research, we have found that our Tork transport packaging is handled a lot of times before the products are unpacked and finally used. Furthermore, we know that work-related health issues are common among cleaning workers due to tough working environments and heavy physical work tasks. With large numbers of Hygiene products' packaging handled globally each week, we thought that we could really make a difference by improving our transport packaging. By using biometric data and ergonomics we can ensure that we find solutions that have the most user-friendly design. Today we have a series of transport packaging solutions that make working life quicker, easier and more ergonomic for our end customers.
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Wiping & Cleaning

Keep up to speed during your daily tasks with durable and hygienic cloths and dispensers when you want to wipe up that oil spill or give a finishing touch. We have what you need, when you need it. So you can focus on what's most important to you.


Making the right impression while caring for your customers and colleagues is easy with our high-quality washroom range. All recommendations are organised so your business needs come first. Our tried and tested combinations give you an easy choice. We have divided our recommendations as follow: Our recommendations


Deliver the impression and ambience you aspire to with napkins and tableware combinations that complete your theme. Whether you're serving quick snacks, just drinks or five-course meals, we can save you time and money with products that deliver the efficiency and functionality that you need. Our recommendations