Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth Turquoise W8

  • Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth Turquoise W8
  • Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth Turquoise W8
  • Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth Turquoise W8
  • Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth Turquoise W8
  • Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth Turquoise W8
  • Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth Turquoise W8

Article: 190493

Colour: Turquoise

EAN: 7322540823462

Quality level: Premium

The Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth is strong, flexible and packaged in a protective portable plastic small pack, it can be used in Tork Small Pack Dispenser which is developed for safety, efficiency and reliability with it's easy load and on-at-the-time dipensing features and the possibility to take the cloth needed with only one hand.

  • Multipurpose cloth, handy for a wide range of tasks to limit number of different cloths needed
  • Perfect for working with sensitive surfaces due to low-lint properties
  • Meets your cleaning needs due to suitability with most solvents and detergents
  • Food contact approved
  • External Certificate meeting  AMS 3819C Requirements
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Product certificates

Food contact approved 48825 U 19
Food contact approved 48825 U 19

Product data

SystemW8 - Wipers small pack
Unfolded Length38.5 cm
Unfolded Width30 cm
Folded Length19.3 cm
Folded Width16 cm

Shipping data

Consumer unit

Height105 mm
Width160 mm
Length195 mm
Volume3.3 dm3
Net weight589 g
Gross weight595 g
Packing materialPlastic

Transport unit

Consumer units8
Height177 mm
Width400 mm
Length460 mm
Volume32.6 dm3
Net weight4.7 kg
Gross weight5.4 kg
Packing materialCarton


Consumer units480
Transport unit60
Height2450 mm
Width800 mm
Length1200 mm
Volume2 m3
Net weight282.7 kg
Gross weight321.6 kg

Environmental info

This product does not contain any silicone.

Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth

Cellulose pulp


Cellulose Pulp

Cellulose pulp is produced either from softwood or hardwood coming from responibly managed forests. The wood chips are boiled together with chemicals to remove the lignin between the fibers. The pulp is TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) or ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) bleached in order to achieve a clean, bright and strong product, but also to increase the hygienic and absorbent qualities.


Polyester fiber is produced from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, which react through condensation to polyester resin. The molten resin is spun to fibers through spinnerets and cooled with air. The fibers are then cut to intended fiber length.

Food Contact

This product fulfills the legislative requirements for Food Contact materials, confirmed by external certification performed by a third party.  The product is safe for wiping food contact surfaces and may also come occasionally into contact with foodstuffs for a short period of time.


Fulfilment of Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC): Yes

Article creation date and latest article revision

Date of issue: 2017-11-15

Revision date: 2019-08-14


This product is produced at SUAMEER mill, NL and certified according to ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems), and ISO 9001.


This product is mainly used for industrial processes. When used in industrial processes the product might through use be contaminated with different substances. This will determine how the used product will be handled/disposed of/destructed. The product itself is suitable for incineration. If used in industrial processes contact local authorities before destruction.

Essity Hygiene and Health AB, 405 03 GÖTEBORG, Sweden

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