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Ella's Hand Washing Adventure

Playful learning

Inspire and motivate with the Ella’s Hand Washing Adventure app! 
Handwashing is one of the most effective ways of preventing infections, particularly amongst creative kids in busy pre-school environments as they constantly use their hands to explore.
The Ella app is a concept developed by SCA and its global brand Tork to help pre-school staff address hand washing in a fun, playful and engaging way together with the kids.
Launched in 2013 to coincide with Global Hand Washing Day October 15th, "Ella's Hand Washing Adventure" is an interactive app that mixes play and learning to teach younger children about why, when and how to wash their hands. The set up in intuitive and without text or words, it is univerally understood.
As the app continues to grow and be used, Ella is becoming a focal part of schools' hygiene routines with their kids. To help make the app more fun, schools can request special school packs we have developed, that include posters, colouring sheets and crayons.
To download the app to your tablet simply visit your favourite app store using the links below:

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